UHCW Major Trauma Centre torch passes hands

Dr Caroline Leech has been passed the torch of Major Trauma Centre Lead at University Hospital from Dr Matthew Wyse.

Dr Leech is set to take up her new position from Wednesday, May 8.

Our nationally renowned Major Trauma Service covers more than two million people across Coventry, Warwickshire and Northampton. Since its inception in 2012 it has supported and improved outcomes for more than 1,000 patients with serious injuries every year.

Caroline has been an Emergency Department consultant at UHCW since 2009 and can’t wait to get started in her new role.

She said: “Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Matthew, he has very big shoes to fill and I hope to emulate his incredible success in the role.

“I’m looking forward to working closely with both the Major Trauma Service and the hospital trauma specialities to further develop excellence.

"I have a keen interest in education and research and this is something which I am excited to bring to the role and develop the services we provide patients.

“I’m incredibly proud to work with all the health care professionals who care for our major trauma patients, from their arrival in the Emergency Department, through theatres, critical care, onto a ward and into rehabilitation. Ultimately I look forward to helping UHCW become the leading Major Trauma Centre in the country, something I firmly believe we can achieve."

Matthew, who will be continuing to work as a Consultant Anaesthetist at UHCW, has led the Major Trauma Centre at UHCW for eight years.

He said: “I am incredibly proud of the enormous progress we have made as a team since I took up the role eight years ago.

“We have delivered a Major Trauma Centre which has saved countless lives and improves the future prospects of many more patients.

“I am particularly proud and grateful to all of my colleagues who have worked tirelessly to deliver this remarkable service.

“I have absolute confidence in Dr Leech to take the torch and help take the Major Trauma Service to the next level.”