University Hospital Coventry Emergency Department ranks in top five for survival outcomes

University Hospital Coventry Emergency Department ranks in top five for survival outcomes

Data from the Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) has shown that last year in terms of outcomes, University Hospital Coventry is consistently high achieving. The hospital is currently in the top five centres nationally in terms of survival outcome.

TARN measures national data and they calculate survival outcomes after trauma by the number of those who actually survived compared with the number who are expected to survive. At University Hospital in 2015/16 there was on average one additional survivor out of every 100 patients. This data is particularly impressive as according to TARN data UHCW is also the busiest adult major trauma centre in the country.

The Emergency Department have worked hard on the completeness of the data so a true picture of the site is shown. This data indicates that the Trust is a place where patient are treated by the right clinicians, as quickly as possible.

Dr Ed Hartley, Clinical Lead for Emergency Medicine at the Trust, said:
“A&E is the one of the busiest departments in the hospital. The results from TARN have shown how staff working together from the Emergency Department and throughout the hospital can create great results for patients. Patient cases are continuously audited to improve survival rates and slash death rates. Although the work we do is challenging and we are always busy, we are delighted that TARN data recognises the great job the whole trust does.”

Professor Meghana Pandit, Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at UHCW NHS Trust, said:
“The daily challenges that the Emergency Department staff face are significant and they do an incredible job as a matter of routine. I am very proud of the whole team. At UHCW, we are constantly focusing on achieving high quality outcomes for patients. This data recognises that we go beyond the norm to deliver amazing results for the people we serve.”


Photo caption (L-R)
Helen Parry (FY2 Emergency Department)
Helen Wilkins (Emergency Department Consultant)
Sharon Rigby (Sister Emergency Department)
Rob Johnson (Resus Trauma Practitioner)
Ray Davison (Chaplin)
Maureen Robson (Sister Emergency Department)
Paul Jhalli (Emergency Department Doctor)
Jeff Foster (GPWSI in Emergency Medicine)
Ed Hartley (Emergency Department Consultant)