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Unsung heroes - Mick

The NHS turns 70 this year and we know that it wouldn’t be the institution that it is today, without the people behind it.

Between now and Thursday 5 July which is the NHS’ big day, we are going to share stories of some of the inspirational people and teams who work and volunteer often behind the scenes at our hospitals.

When a baby dies in pregnancy, there is currently no formal way to recognise their birth.

This is Mick.

He is one of our unsung heroes. He who works behind the scenes to produce special certificates that can be given to families with their baby dies.

Using his calligraphy skills, he painstakingly writes out each certificate individually which takes around 45 minutes. 
It’s something he has been doing in his own time for 20 years.

He said: “It all started when my friend’s twins died in pregnancy in 1998 and I wanted to do something useful because I felt so helpless. I had been to night school to learn calligraphy and was asked to produce a certificate and it just grew from there. Producing the certificates for the hospital is something I really take pride in. I hope it gives people some comfort at such a sad time.”

Alison Talbot, Head of Midwifery said: “There is no doubt that the contribution that Mick gives makes a difference to parents in the dark hours following a loss. We appreciate his dedication and thank him on behalf of our staff and the parents who have received certificates.”

Thank you Mick !