World Embryologist Day: the story of Joanne and Brad

They say that good things come to those who wait.

It did for Joanne and Brad.

They waited for 11 years and had almost every fertility treatment available including clomid, out and ivf .

But they had no success, so with a heavy heart they tried to accept they would never be parents and move on with their lives.

But the ache to be parents never did quite go away, and in 2016, out of no where Brad said he wanted to try just one last time.

And thanks to our our CRM team and IVF, some magic happened.

Baby Brooke was born on 19 June 2017.

proud Mum Joanne said: “After 11 years of desperately wanting a baby, we finally got our miracle. The 19 June was the best day of my life and we are so in love with her. The CRM team are amazing and I love them all for giving us a family. For anyone who is thinking about treatment, it’s not an easy road and it doesn’t work for anyone but it’s definitely worth a try.”

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