Corporate Strategy

The staff and patients at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) have much to be proud of. Our aim is to deliver high quality healthcare, in a caring and compassionate way and provided in a convenient and supportive environment.

During 2018 we refreshed our Organisational Strategy for 2018-2021. Our strategic solutions respond to and are consistent with the national ‘Five Year Forward View’, the local Coventry and Warwickshire system plans and our internal UHCW challenges.

Our vision, mission and values remain. We are committed to putting patients first in everything we do. Our strategy to achieving our vision, mission and values is threefold. Namely it is about empowering our staff, integrating our services and building strong foundations.


Empowering Our Staff

We will empower our staff to ensure that patients are put first. We will achieve this through the implementation and spread of our improvement methodology, known as UHCWi. The approach supports staff to use advanced lean methodology which not only improves patient care, it also helps reduce waste. This will ensure on a day to day basis we are making the best use of resources available. In addition to UHCWi, we will invest in our staff through our Leadership Programme, skills and mandatory training.


Integrating Our Services

We will work with our partners to rapidly integrate our care pathways to deliver the best patient care.

We will integrate vertically with primary care, community health and social care providers to help people stay well and reduce demand. Where care is needed, we will develop new models of care, outside of hospital, that will improve both quality and efficiency.

By reducing and managing demand outside of hospital, we will improve waiting times for our acute and specialist services.

We will further improve waiting times by separating planned and unplanned care as much as possible. We will increase the use of our site at the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby for less complex, planned care. We will also maintain and develop the services we provide at other sites such as George Eliot Hospital and Warwick Hospital.

We will maintain and develop our specialist services by expanding the populations covered to ensure that we meet national standards for population size. We will build on our partnership with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust to include cancer, renal, respiratory and cardiothoracic. We will also build partnerships and facilities available, but, where appropriate, specialist services will be provided locally.


Patients First

We will put patients first in everything we do, every decision we make, ever process we design and re-design. This is reflected in our vision, mission and values.


Our vision is to be a national and international leader in healthcare

We will ensure that all our patients receive the very best care possible and so our ambition is to provide care that compares with the best, not only in the UK but also the rest of the world.


Our mission is to Care, Achieve and Innovate

Our focus is on providing and improving quality of care which includes patient experience, safety and outcomes. At the same time embracing innovation to deliver enhanced productivity and improved services. As such as our mission is to Care, Achieve and Innovate.


Strategic Objectives

We have identified the following strategic objectives to help assess whether we are delivering our strategy. These are to:

  1. Deliver the safest care and excellence in patient experience
  2. Be a model employer
  3. Be a leader in operational performance
  4. Lead the integration of care pathways for the populations we serve
  5. Be a front runner in research, innovation and education
  6. Achieve financial sustainability


Our Values

Our seven values reflect what is important to us and have been developed by our staff to reflect the culture we want to live and are aligned to the NHS Constitution. We use our UHCW Improvement methodology described in our strategic objectives to deliver our values.


We treat everyone with courtesy and compassion.


We act with openness, honesty and integrity in all we do.


We take pride in all we do and aspire to do.


We work in partnership to deliver and improve the services we provide for our patients.


We are open to change and seek to innovate to improve what we do.


We see education, research and learning as central to improvement.


We treat everyone with respect and dignity.


These will change the focus from ‘what’ we do, to ‘how’ we do it and will be the bedrock of the way we all do business in the future.

However, we know that turning this vision into reality will only be achieved by working in partnership with all primary, secondary and community organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire to develop local services, and by liaising with specialist care providers and commissioners in surrounding health economies to develop a network of high quality specialist services.


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