Corporate Strategy

The staff and patients at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW) have much to be proud of. Our aim is to deliver high quality healthcare, in a caring and compassionate way and provided in a convenient and supportive environment.

That’s why we reviewed and updated our strategy during 2012 with a key focus on clinical engagement. The outcome is that there has been a change in approach with an emphasis on our vision and mission: 

Our Vision
To be a national and international leader in healthcare.

Our Mission
Care, Achieve and Innovate

Our focus is on providing and improving quality of care, whilst embracing innovation to deliver improved services.

This is why we are proposing a hub and spoke service model which aims to develop world class local healthcare and international specialist services. University Hospital, Coventry will operate as the hub for specialist, complex care and treatments. Local ‘spokes’ will deliver generalist, less complex care and treatments.

This strategy remains consistent with the plans of our partners at national, regional and local levels. In particular, it places quality at the heart which is consistent with the NHS Constitution. The Constitution sets out patients’ rights to high quality services based on good access, information, cleanliness, safety and national best practice. Assurance of quality standards is through the performance framework that underpins the strategy.

The revised vision and strategy will now guide UHCW’s future direction and commitment to meet the health needs of the population over the next five years.

Together Towards World Class

We then looked at all of this work and focused on how we could be better than best – how we could move to become World Class.

To this end in March 2014 we launched our five year organisational development programme Together Towards World Class, which focuses on the five key areas:

  • World Class Experience
  • World Class Services
  • World Class Conversations
  • World Class Leadership
  • World Class People

We also took on the views of our staff on our values. In 2009 when we launched our mission to Care, Achieve and Innovate, we also launched a number of values. However when we reviewed this in 2012 it was clear that these were not well known. So we took the opportunity to ask all staff for their views on what they thought our values should be. From this we chose our six new values:


We treat everyone with courtesy and compassion.


We act with openness, honesty and integrity in all we do.


We take pride in all we do and aspire to do.


We work in partnership to deliver and improve the services we provide for our patients.


We are open to change and seek to innovate to improve what we do.


We see education, research and learning as central to improvement.


We treat everyone with respect and dignity.


These will change the focus from ‘what’ we do, to ‘how’ we do it and will be the bedrock of the way we all do business in the future.

However, we know that turning this vision into reality will only be achieved by working in partnership with all primary, secondary and community organisations in Coventry and Warwickshire to develop local services, and by liaising with specialist care providers and commissioners in surrounding health economies to develop a network of high quality specialist services.