We want to be at the forefront of where the NHS, and the rest of the world, needs to be on the subject of climate change.

The Government issued its vision for a net zero health service in October 2020 and in response NHS England produced its Greener NHS programme which set the following mandatory targets for NHS Trusts.

  • For emissions we control directly net zero by 2040, with 80% reduction by 2028 - 2032.
  • For emissions we can influence net zero by 2045, with 80% reduction by 2036 - 2039.

The UHCW Green Plan shows how the organisation will move towards net zero in 2045, the Green Plan sets out the actions that will take place over the next three years and will be constantly updated to give a three year forward view.

We want to be a net zero healthcare providers in advance of the national targets, ensuring we mitigate the carbon impact on the community we serve.


The Green Plan

Our Green Plan shows how the Trust will move towards net zero carbon emissions by 2045, identifying the generators of carbon emissions at UHCW and provides a structured plan to reduce them to net zero.

The Green Plan has been approved by the Trust Board and is reviewed annually.

Click here to view the Green Plan.