Our Quality Account

The Quality Account is an annual report that summarises how the Trust is working to improve the quality of its services, the progress we have made and our priorities for the coming year.

For 2017/2018 the Board has decided that our quality improvement priorities are:

Category Quality Priority
Patient Safety Reducing falls and pressure ulcers
Clinical Effectiveness Reducing the Trust’s Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio score 
Patient Experience Delivering customer care training for staff


Quality Strategy

Our Quality Strategy for 2016-21 is available to download here: Quality Strategy 2016-21


Patient Experience and Engagement Delivery Plan

Our Patient Experience and Engagement Delivery Plan for 2018-21 sets out the delivery plan to achieve our five key Patient Experience objectives from the Trust Quality Strategy 2016-21 and is available to download here: Patient Experience and Engagement Delivery Plan 2018-21


Quality Accounts

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2010-11 Quality Account 

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2009-10 Quality Account


NB: The pressure sore data contained within Table 1 of the 2010/2011 Quality Account is the number reported via the Trust’s incident management reporting software Datix that have been subject to a robust data validation exercise to ensure only actual pressure sores incidents are included. This exercise removes duplicate reports and incidents that were not identified to be a pressure sore/ulcer.


If you require further information on this or on any of the performance data contained within our Quality Account please contact Lynda Cockrill, Head of Performance and Programme Analytics on lynda.cockrill@uhcw.nhs.uk.