Learning from deaths

Death is a natural event for all of us and UHCW NHS Trust is committed to supporting bereaved families and carers with the loss of their loved one. Not all deaths are directly associated with the care patients receive in hospital, however it is important for us to recognise opportunities to learn from any issues identified during their episode of care, to improve the delivery of services we provide.

Reviewing patient outcomes such as mortality helps us provide assurance and evidence that the quality of care within the Trust is of a high standard, help make improvements to the care received going forward and provide support to bereaved families and carers during any investigation process.

An internal mortality review process outlined in the Trust Mortality Review and Monitoring Policy ensures each adult that dies within the Trust has their case reviewed, highlighting areas of good practice and areas for improvement. As a Trust we review all adult deaths and will contact relatives to discuss events surrounding their loss should the need arise to enable us to continually improve the care of loved ones as they come to the end of their lives.

Please click here to read the Trust’s Mortality Review Policy.