Pride Network

The UHCW Pride Network was created as a driving-force for change, to ensure a supportive working environment for all LGBTQ+ staff / volunteers and to further encourage those within the organisation to understand and support the needs of LGBTQ+ patients and communities. The network acts as a safe-space and trusted point of contact for all LGBTQ+ staff / volunteers, and celebrates UHCW’s diverse workforce by participating in national and local events.

With monthly in-person meetings held within the Clinical Sciences Building, any and all members of staff / volunteers within the Trust are welcome to attend to get involved with discussions and events. Whilst the network exists to provide a platform for LGBTQ+ voices, we value the input and support of allies who are welcomed as guests. Attendance at the UHCW Pride Network is strictly confidential, and records of members are accessible only to the Network Leadership Team. The network has a Code of Conduct in place so that all members are aware of the importance of privacy, and any personal discussions had during meetings aren't shared elsewhere without explicit permission from all of those who are mentioned or involved.