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Trust Board Meeting

Public meetings of the Trust Board are held regularly and provide the opportunity for staff, patients and the public to attend and ask questions. In addition, the Trust’s Annual Report is presented at the Annual Public Meeting.

As part of the Trust’s commitment to openness and accountability, members of the public are welcome to attend public meetings of the Board but must be aware that, although the meeting is being held in public, it is not a public meeting. Members of the public and press do not have speaking rights but are invited to ask questions at the meeting during the 'Questions from the Public' section at the conclusion of the Public Trust Board meeting.

Members of the public who ask questions may be asked to identify themselves and to declare any formal affiliations.

Any questions or comments from the public should, however, be in relation to an item on the agenda for that meeting and should relate to a further explanation or clarification of that agenda item.

All public Trust board papers are published on the Trust’s website and are available by clicking on the links below.

There are times when UHCW NHS Trust will need to consider agenda items which are confidential and cannot be discussed in public. The Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act) 1960 permits a Board of an NHS Trust to pass a Board resolution at the meeting to exclude the public and press from the meeting 'whenever publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business, or for other special reasons stated in the resolution'.

Whenever a Board resolution to conduct business in private is passed, the resolution itself should be made public.

Trust Board meetings take place in alternate months (please scroll down to see meeting dates for from previous years).

Next Trust Board Meeting

Thursday 6th June at 10am.

Staff and members of the public are welcome to attend in person. The meeting will be held in rooms 10009/11, Clinical Sciences Building (CSB), University Hospital, Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry CV2 2DX.

Questions from members of the public are welcomed, however they must relate to matters on the agenda. Please submit questions to by Wednesday 3rd April at noon.

Responses to any questions will be provided by email after the meeting.

The meeting papers can be seen here.

The Chair of the Meeting

The Chair has overall and final responsibility for the running of the Board meetings. The Chair has discretion to ensure that all business is transacted in accordance with the guidance and relevant legislation.

Please note that dates, times or venues of Board meetings may change at short notice, although every effort is made to avoid such changes.

Further information about public meetings is available from:
Director of Corporate Affairs
University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust
Executive Suite
Clifford Bridge Road
Tel: 024 7696 7607



   - 4th April 2024


   - 3 August 2023

   - 1 June 2023

   - 6 April 2023

   - 2 November 2023

   - 7 December 2023

   - 1 February 2024

- 2 February 2023

- 1 December 2022


If you require access to papers from dates prior to December 2022, please email