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Urgent Community Response (UCR)

Coventry UCR Service provides urgent support, seven-days a week, to help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions for people aged 18 and over. This is achieved by providing a two-hour crisis response delivered by a multi-skilled team of professionals.

Clinic hours: 8am - 8pm, 7 days per week (Referrals for same day visit close at 6pm).

Paybody Building,  2 Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, CV1 4FS

Patients and carers can self-refer by dialling NHS 111 (free phone)

Health professionals can refer into the UCR service by calling 0300 200 0011 (option 3).

We accept referrals from:


General Practitioners


NHS 111 services

Health and Social Care Professionals

Residential and Nursing Homes

Hospital (to minimise prolonged stay/s)

Voluntary Services

Support is provided at home or where they usually reside for people who are concerned their health or mobility is declining and are therefore at risk of admission to hospital. The service also provides a two-day response for patients that require support to regain their skills, confidence, and independence to remain safely in their home or usual place of residence, following an illness or hospital admission. This is known as a reablement service.

Service is for patients who are:

-Unable to access other services due to frailty, mobility issues, acute illness, or long-term condition; and

-Registered with a Coventry GP; and

-Living in their usual place of residence, including Care or Nursing Home

And are presenting with:

-Infection or worsening of a long-term condition

-Having had a fall with no bony injury

-Reduced mobility or urgent equipment needs

-Blocked and/or expelled catheters

-Acutely unable to cope at home and at risk of hospital admission

-Palliative care/end of life crisis

-New confusion

-Changes in diabetes control

The UCR service is currently unable to accept:

-Medical emergencies e.g. stroke/heart attack/severe stomach pain/sepsis

-Patients with concern/s of new cancer diagnosis

-Patients who have fallen, with suspected injury or if the patient has been on the floor for 6 hours or longer

-Patients who have a head injury with loss of consciousness and/or patient on blood-thinning medication (such as Warfarin, Apixaban etc)

-Patients who are pregnant

-Patients who are currently experiencing seizures

-People in mental health crisis

-Patients who are receiving palliative or end of life needs unless they have a new medical need

-Patients who have no fixed abode/alcohol withdrawal/intravenous drug abuse

-Patients not registered with a GP in Coventry

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