Head and Neck

This service provides both emergency and elective treatment for patients with wide range of conditions around the head and neck including acquired and congenital facial and jaw deformities, management of soft and hard tissue traumatic injuries and management of head and neck cancers including skin cancer. In addition to local services it also acts as a tertiary centre for the referral and management of more complex conditions.

The service has close links with allied Head & Neck specialities, Radiotherapy & Oncology and Neurosurgery as well as support from Specialist Dental Surgeons and Orthodontic services.

Surgeons working within multidisciplinary teams are able to provide contemporary treatment for complex conditions including:

Head & Neck reconstructive surgery including;

  • Microvascular reconstructive surgery
  • Skull base surgery
  • Acquired and congenital facial and jaw deformities

Management of hard & soft tissue traumatic facial injuries.
Management of Management of head & neck cancers including skin cancer
Facial pain
Salivary gland disease
Management and diagnosis of neck lumps
Diagnosis and management of impacted teeth or roots
Management of cysts of the jaws
Management of oral medical conditions
Preprosthetic surgery

Elective day case and inpatient services are available and emergency treatment of patients is provided via a 24 hour oncall service.

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