Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Diseases department at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) NHS Trust provides inpatient and outpatient clinical care for all major areas of infectious diseases. The consultant team consists of Dr Vjeran Cajic (Tuberculosis Lead), Dr Gorana Kovacevic (Sepsis Lead) and Dr Evangelos Vryonis, (UHCW@HOME Lead).
Common conditions referred to our service include:
• Infection in returning travellers
• Fever of unknown origin
• Mycobacterial Disease
• Lyme Disease
• Assessment for chronic fatigue
• Invasive fungal infections
• Bone and joint infections
• Endocarditis and infections related to implantable cardiac devices
• Blood stream infections (eg: Staph Aureus or candida)
• Central nervous system infections (meningitis or encephalitis)
• Infections in Immunocompromised patients (HIV or transplant)
• Sepsis (eg: Neutropenic sepsis or sepsis in IVDU)
• Infections due to antibiotic resistant organisms
• Viral illness and communicable diseases such as mumps, chickenpox, measles, COVID, whooping cough and rubella
• Hepatitis B
• Gastrointestinal infections including complicated C. difficile Infections
• Skin and Soft Tissue Infection
• Complex infections or hospital acquired infection requiring follow up and long term antibiotic management (eg: bone or spinal infection, liver abscess).
Our mission is to not only to provide state of the art clinical care, but also to be actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education and in clinical research.
Our ward has negative pressure rooms to accommodate infectious patients such as those with pulmonary tuberculosis. We work very closely with other infection-related specialties such as respiratory medicine, microbiology, virology, genito-urinary medicine, medical imaging and pathology. We hold regular multidisciplinary team meetings in order to deliver integrated and comprehensive care in a timely manner with early and well-coordinated transition to outpatient care. Infectious diseases outbreaks are managed collaboratively with the West Midlands Public Health England centre.
Referrals for a review in specialist clinics are accepted from GPs by letter or e- referrals. We also accept referrals from other hospitals or medical professionals by letter or phone.
During the weekdays 9am till 5pm, medical professionals may contact our team for advice or request of urgent inpatient review by phone via the main hospital telephone number (02476 96764000). During out of hours and weekends, advice and guidance is provided by the on-call Microbiology and/or Virology team.
We are located on Ward 31A on the third floor of University Hospital.
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