The Oncology service provides assessment, treatment, follow-up and supportive care for patients with cancer and a number of non-malignant conditions. The service is based at the Cancer Centre in Coventry. The Centre also provides Oncology input to local Cancer units.

Here at the Trust we are the specialist centre for the region providing radiotherapy treatment and an oncology service. We deliver a safe and effective cancer service working closely with clinical leads across 13 tumour sites to give care and treatment that is second to none.

The centre holds a Certificate of Registration to the International Quality Management System Standard, BS EN ISO 9001:2015, awarded by the British Standards Institute.

Oncology Unit

The oncology Unit houses a 32 bedded ward which provides care and treatment for individuals with a wide range of malignant disease; these include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, brachytherapy and biological immunotherapy. The nursing team have specialist training and skills in cancer care and work a variety of shifts to provide continuity of care.

The Unit is a training area for Pre and Post reg nurses at Coventry University and the ward staff provide ongoing teaching, education, and mentorship to members of the ward team.

The Unit provides skill and expertise in symptom control which may be due to progressive disease or as a side effect of cancer treatment and have close links with the Palliative Care Team who can offer specialist advice with the more complex situations.

The Unit is able to offer patients, relatives and carers support and advice over the telephone if there are concerns when the patient is at home. The ward liaises closely with other members of the multidisciplinary team and demonstrates close links with other providers of cancer care.

Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre

The Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre provides a safe and welcoming environment for people affected by cancer.

The Centre is based in the main entrance of University Hospital, Coventry and is staffed by a health professional specialising in information as well as trained volunteers.

Services for people with cancer, their families, friends and carers or those worried about cancer include:

• Access to support

• Someone to talk to

• Confidential, free and appropriate information to the meet the needs of the caller including information about specific cancers, treatment and coping with side effects

• Signposting to other sources of support and information

• Suggestions for practical help


Cancer United - Support Group

You can find out more information about our Cancer United support group here.


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