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The UHCW ultrasound department is a team of Sonographers and Radiologists with a range of skills in ultrasound including, but not limited to, paediatrics, head and neck, musculoskeletal (joints) and vascular.
In the last five years we have expanded our workforce with a training programme to meet the needs of patients and provide sonographer role expansion into specialised areas.
We provide an extended hours service to include evenings and weekends and there is ongoing scope to provide a service within the community.
An ultrasound scan is a method of imaging certain areas inside the body by using high frequency sound waves.
These sound waves cannot be heard by the human ear. They bounce off parts of the body to create ‘echoes’ which are processed into moving images.
Ultrasound is best known for being used in pregnancy to look at babies, but it is widely used to examine a number of different areas of the body. It is a safe method of imaging that does not use X-rays and is frequently used to examine children because of this.
Ultrasound scans are performed by specially trained Sonographers or Radiologists (imaging doctors). It is performed by moving a small handheld instrument over the skin with some gel. Ultrasound is used to assess many different areas within the body. It is frequently used to assess for conditions relating to the liver, gallbladder and kidneys as well conditions relating to changes in menstrual cycles or urinary function. Some specialised areas also include looking at joints, blood flow in the veins and arteries, and the neck.

Whilst ultrasound is a non-invasive method of imaging, it can also be used to guide interventional procedures such as steroid injections into the joints, tubes insertions to drain fluid collections or to obtain a tissue sample, known as a biopsy, using a needle.
We perform ultrasound scans at University Hospital in Coventry, City of Coventry Health Centre and the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby. Your appointment can, therefore, be at any of these sites . Please check your letter to ensure you attend your appointment at the correct site.
To view frequently asked questions regarding ultrasound scans, click here. To read how we are keeping you safe during your appointment, click here.
Once you have booked in at reception, one of our Radiology Assistants will escort you into the ultrasound room and prepare you for the scan. This involves exposing the skin of the area that is being assessed and tucking in some paper to keep clothing dry from the gel that is used. This gel is water based and does not stain. The Sonographer or Radiologist will then move the handheld instrument over the skin using the gel. This is not painful.
You may be asked to roll over on to either side and to hold your breath at various intervals in order to make the ultrasound image clearer. The ultrasound scan can take between 10-30 minutes, depending on the area.
What do I need to do in preparation?
Depending on the area that is being assessed, some scans require some preparation. You will receive a letter with important instructions to follow. To ensure the success of the examination, it is essential that you follow the preparation listed below depending on what scan you are having. There are many scans that do not require any preparation and in this case no instructions will be sent to you. If you have any questions, please call 02476 966933.
Preparation Information
If you are worried about travelling with a full bladder, please arrive one hour prior to your appointment time and water will be provided for you to drink. If you have eaten and your bladder is not filled, your examination may have to be rescheduled. If you take regular medication, please take it at the usual time. If you are diabetic you should have received an early morning appointment. If not please contact the department on the telephone number found on the appointment letter. Do not take your diabetic tablets or insulin, but bring them with you. You also may want to bring a snack with you to eat after your examination.
The scan report will be sent back to your Referring Consultant/Practitioner or General Practitioner (GP). You will obtain the results of the scan when you attend for the next appointment or you can contact your GP surgery after 48 hours.
To view patient prepatation leaflets, click here.

To find out about the different types of scans, click here.

Patients must be referred to the Ultrasound department by either a GP or another hospital consultant.
The Radiology department at Hospital of St Cross, Rugby, is located on the ground floor of the Withybrook wing. The Radiology department at University Hospital, Coventry, is located in the main hospital building, on the ground floor. The ultrasound service at the City of Coventry Health care is located on the ground floor.
All examinations require an appointment.
Ultrasound bookings: 02476 966933.
At UHCW we welcome feedback from patients, staff, visitors, about its services. Please take the time to fill out our questionnaire about the quality and the care of the ultrasound service. Your feedback is used to inform our decisions and can really make a difference in improving our services. Please note the feedback questionnaire is anonymous.
For any concerns regarding health-related matters or for confidential help and support, please click here.

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