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Dr Asad Ali (Consultant)

Photo of Dr Asad Ali

About Dr Asad Ali

  • Role: Consultant
  • Membership of Professional / National / Regional Bodies:
    Member of the Specialist Registrar Training Committee for Health Education West Midlands and represent Coventry and Warwickshire in the Expert Advisory Group for Respiratory Medicine and lead the STP.
  • Other Professional Details:
    I trained in Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Medicine as a Specialist Registrar in the West Midlands and joined UHCW as a consultant in sleep and respiratory medicine in 2011.
    I lead the sleep services and home ventilation services and work with a specialist team. I also undertake inpatient and general respiratory and general medicine work and perform diagnostic bronchoscopies and pleural procedures.
    I have a number of research projects running and continue to pursue my research interests in the subspecialist areas of my interest.
  • Special Interests:
    Sleep disordered breathing, Obstructive Sleep Apnoeas, Central sleep Apnoea/ Cheyne Stokes respiration, Sleep disorders eg narcolepsy, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, parasomnias, respiratory failure due to lung disease or neuromuscular disease, acute and home non-invasive ventilation support.

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