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Coventry & Warwickshire Regional Parkinson's Service

Welcome to the Coventry & Warwickshire Regional Parkinson's Service. This website provides information for people with Parkinson's, their carers and their health professionals. We hope that you find it useful but please do let us know if there is anything else you would like information about.


Who are we and where can we be found?

The regional Parkinson’s team comprises of doctors, nurses and therapists with specialist training in Parkinson’s who work closely together. We also have very close links with the Parkinson’s UK Local Advisers as well as the specialist nurses for other Parkinsonian conditions and non-oral therapies. The Service was Highly Commended in the inaugural Parkinson’s UK Excellence Network Awards in 2017.

The regional team helps look after over 1700 people with Parkinsonian conditions living in Coventry and Warwickshire. Specialist Parkinson’s clinics (nurse and/or consultant led) are held in the areas shown on the map below.

UHCW NHS Trust Movement Disorder Team

Dr Lucy Strens, Consultant Neurologist.

Dr Andrea Lindahl, Consultant Neurologist.

Dr Lara Teare, Consultant Neurologist.

Dr Amrit-Deep Samra, Consultant Neurologist

Hannah Martin, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Parkinson's

Bonita Bateman, Hospital Parkinson's Nurse Specialist.

South Warwickshire Foundation Trust Parkinson's specialists

Dr Raj Thanvi, Consultant Geriatrician.

Dr Eliza Griffiths, Consultant Geriatrician

Dr Robert Wears, Consultant Geriatrician.

Community Parkinson's Nurse specialists

Rachel Peskett, Coventry North & East.

Jodie Cooke, Coventry South & West.

Anita Hallett, North Warwickshire.

Lynne Sayer, South Warwickshire.

Karen Wears, South Warwickshire.

Maria Starling, South Warwickshire.

Parkinson’s UK Local Advisers

Parkinson’s UK helpline: 0808 800 0303

Anne Sage, Coventry and Warwickshire 0344 225 3762

Helen Brewin, Leicestershire 0344 225 3626

Angela Jeffery, Northamptonshire 0344 225 3628

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Last updated 10 February 2022.