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Devices and technology

There are times when we may need to monitor symptoms a little more closely. It is not always easy to describe and remember all the symptoms you are experiencing when you come into clinic, but we are fortunate to have the use of technology to help us do this.

There is now a device that can now be worn on the wrist which can record your movement over a seven-day period, both day and night. This device known as a PKG (Personal KinetiGraph) can be programmed and fitted in the nurse-led hospital clinics. The device can give us valuable information regarding your sleep, tremor, bradykinesia and dyskinesia.

Your consultant or nurse may feel that monitoring your symptoms this way is beneficial in helping to make decisions about future medication changes and non-oral therapies.

For more information on this technology please click here.

Smart Phones

There are many apps available which can help remind you that your pills are due, prompting you to drink and for storing your medical records and communication, amongst many other things.

Sometimes tablets and phones may be easier to navigate than a desktop computer and mouse. There is now voice activation which enables you to control your phone. This is useful for sending messages, internet searches and even recording notes.

A useful link to available apps devised by Parkinson’s UK can be found here.

Updated 22 November 2021