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The Parkinson's Nursing Team

Should you require an appointment for review by the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist, please see the Contact Us section to find your local Parkinson’s Nurse specialist and contact number.

The Parkinson's Nursing Team within Coventry and Warwickshire comprises eight Parkinson's Nurse Specialists. Two are based at University Hospital Coventry (UHCW), two are based in the community in Coventry and four are based in the community in Warwickshire (North Warwickshire, Central Warwickshire & Rugby, South Warwickshire).

They work as part of a wider team of health and social care professionals, including District nurses, Community Matrons, GPs, Social Workers, Allied Health Care Professionals and Palliative Care Teams.

How the Parkinson's Nurse can help

The Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist cares for patients and their carers who are affected by the condition. They can assist people with Parkinson's and their carers to improve quality of life by linking them to the appropriate care services and therapies. Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists can liaise with the GP, the consultant and any other health care professional regarding a person's individual needs.

The Parkinson’s Nurse may advise people on adjustment of medication following discussion with medical colleagues. They provide information on Parkinson’s and useful networks. They increase awareness of Parkinson’s through education and training of fellow professionals.

The Hospital Parkinson’s nurses provide an in-patient service at UHCW and at Hospital of St Cross at Rugby (see section below). They also hold nurse-led Parkinson’s clinic at UHCW, Hospital of St Cross Rugby and Warwick Hospital.

The Community Parkinson’s Nurses provide a limited telephone helpline service and can see people in nurse-led clinics, unless housebound in which case home visits will be offered. They also work alongside Parkinson’s consultants in hospital outpatient clinics. They cannot act as an emergency service and do not adjust medication without discussion with a Consultant. They cannot arrange hospital admission or change patient outpatient appointments.

What happens if I am admitted to hospital?

If you are admitted to hospital for any reason, please (where possible) make sure you take a list of your medication, including the doses and the times you take your tablets, to the hospital with you. Also remember to take your medication into hospital with you.

Please let the ward staff know that you have a Parkinsonian condition (eg Parkinson’s, MSA, PSP etc). If you are a patient at UHCW or Hospital of St Cross Rugby, the hospital Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Bonita Bateman or the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Hannah Martin can review you if needed when on the ward. Please ask the nursing staff, or a relative, to let them know you are in hospital. Please see the Contact Us  page for Hannah and Bonita’s telephone number.

If you are coming into hospital for an operation or day case procedure, you may find this leaflet helpful .

For more general information about being admitted to hospital with Parkinson’s, please visit the Parkinson’s UK website.

Updated 15 November 2021