Audiology Patient Information Leaflets

A2 Clinic - Your fitting appointment explained

A2 clinic - your hearing appointment explained

A2 Clinic - Your review appointment explained

A2 clinic-keyworker information

Access to an ENT Consultant at the end of Year 11

Audiology Assessment

Benign Paroxysmal Postional Vertigo

Brandt Daroff exercises

Caloric Test Appointment

Communication Strategies - For those communicating with a person with a hearing impairment

Communication strategies - How to understand conversation better if you have a hearing impairment

CROS - BiCROS Hearing Aids

ERA Theatre Information

Extra Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises

Lip reading exercises to practice at home

Living with someone who has a gradual hearing loss

Losing your hearing suddenly

Melatonin for hearing tests

P1 Paediatric - Baby's visit to audiology following meningitis

P1 Paediatric - Your Childs Hearing Test and Hearing Aid Review

P1 Paediatric - your child's hearing test appointment

Paediatric - Explanation of hearing loss in babies

Paediatric - the Paediatric hearing test pathway

Paediatric - Your hearing aid review

Paediatric sedation

PI Paediatric - Understanding your hearing test (Children and Young people)

PI Paediatric - Unilateral hearing losses - Children and Young people

PI Paediatric - Your Childs Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

Play Audiometry

PTINFO Hyperacusis

PTINFO Tinnitus - Self Help

Self help tips for hearing problems

Speech Banana Chart

Tinnitus - Living with someone who has tinnitus

Tinnitus - Musical Hallucinations

Tinnitus - Pulsatile Tinnitus

Tinnitus - Using a Sound Generator for Tinnitus

Tinnitus - Using a White Noise Generator (WNG) for Hyperacusis

Tinnitus - Using a White Noise Generator (WNG) for Tinnitus

Transition to young adults hearing aid clinic

Transition to young adults hearing aid clinic (Coventry)

Unilateral hearing losses

Vestibular Ocular Reflex Exercise

Vestibular rehabilitation

What happens at the balance clinic

What happens at the severe and profound hearing loss clinic

What happens at the Tinnitus clinic

Your child's hearing aid review

Your Child's Hearing assessment

Your child's hearing test appointment - an introduction