Radiology Patient Information Leaflets


CT Scan: General Information

CT: 48-hour Low Dose oral preparation: CT Abdomen and Pelvis information leaflet

CT: Aftercare following IV Injection of Contrast Medium or Buscopan, GTN spray, Beta-blockers 

CT: HRCT / orthopaedic / KUB / neuro spine: information leaflet

CT: Neck / Chest / Abdomen / Pelvis with or without intravenous contrast: information leaflet

CT: Safety Questionnaire

CT: Upper Gastrointestinal series with or without intravenous contrast & Buscopan: Information leaflet

CT: Colonoscopy: Additional information 

CT: Colonoscopy

CT: Colonoscopy with Picolax

CT: Head with or without intravenous contrast: Information Leaflet

CT: Information for Prison Officers Escorting Prisoners for CT Examinations

CT: Information on Supporting a Patient for Their CT Examination

CT: Un-enhanced (No I.V. Contrast) Scan: Information Leaflet



Active cycle of breathing technique (background information - aspirated barium)

Fluoroscopy: Cystogram

Fluoroscopy: Herniogram

Fluoroscopy: Micturating Cystogram

Fluoroscopy: Myelogram

Fluoroscopy: Paediatric Barium Follow-Through

Fluoroscopy: Paediatric Barium swallow or meal preparation

Fluoroscopy: Sedation

Fluoroscopy: Sialogram

Fluoroscopy: Sinogram

Fluoroscopy: Water Soluble Enema

Fluoroscopy: Water Soluble Swallow and/or Meal Information

Fluoroscopy: Hysterosalpinogram

Lung Biopsy Information Leaflet

Paediatric Micturating Cystogram (MCU or MCUG)

Radiology biopsy information leaflet



Angiography Information

Arm Fistulogram or Fistuloplasty

Arm Venogram or Venous Angioplasty (Venoplasty)

Biliary Drainage Information

Bone Biopsy Information Leaflet

Discharge advice for patients following insertion of a Vascular Closure Device

Discogram (Discography) Information leflets 

Fluoroscopy Guided Lumbar Puncture

Fluoroscopy Intervention: Gastric Band Adjustment

Fluoroscopy Intervention: Transjugular Liver Biopsy

Hickman Line

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter Insertion and Removal

Mesenteric Angiography


Percutaneous Biliary Stent

Percutaneous Ureteric Stent

Prostate Artery Embolisation (PAE)

Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy (RIG) Tube Insertion

Renal Angiography Information Leaflet (including Angioplasty, Stenting and Embolisation)

Testicular Vein Embolisation

TIPSS Procedure

Uterine Fibroid Embolisation

Vacuum Biopsy / Core Biopsy / Fine Needle Aspiration




Mammography: Breast biopsy

Mammography: Mammogram

Mammography: X-ray guided localisation (marker) biopsy



Adult Sedation for MRI


Breast MRI: A patient's guide

Cardiac MRI

MRI Aftercare ollowing Intravenous Injection of Contrast Medium, Buscopan, Movi-Prep and Adenosine

MRI Information leaflet: Body

MRI General Information sheet

MRI: Paediatric sedation for MRI

MRI: Small bowel


Nuclear Medicine

Cardiac Gated Blood Pool Scan (MUGA Heart Scan)

Child DMSA Kidney Scan

Child Renogram Scan

Dacroscintigram Scan

DaTSCAN (Brain)

DMSA Kidney Scan

Dynamic Bone Scan

Gastric Emptying Scan

Iodine -123 Thyroid Scan

Iodine -131 Administration & Scan

Isotope colonic transit

Kidney Function (GFR) Test

Lung Scan (VQ)

Lymph Scan

M.I.B.G Scan

Myocardial Perfusion Stress Scan

Octreotide Scan


Radioactive Iodine Treatment: Information for patients

Renogram Scan


Sentinel Lymph Node Breast Scan 

Thyroid Scan

Whole Body Bone Scan



Joint Aspiration Information Leaflet

Ultrasound Guided Drainage Information Leaflet

Ultasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNA) Information Leaflet

Utrasound Guided Paracentesis Information Leaflet

Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Scan: Abdomen

Ultrasound Scan: Abdomen and Pelvis

Ultrasound Scan: Paediatric with no preparation

Ultrasound Scan: Pelvis

Ultrasound Scan: Urinary Tract / Renal



Colonic Transit Study information leaflet

Dexa scan (bone density scan)

Follow-Up X-rays of your child's bones (Skeletal Survey Examination)

X-rays of your child's bones (Skeletal Survey Examination)

X-rays: Information for patient supporters