Speech and Language Therapy

Advice for patients using a speaking valve

Advice to people with voice and or throat problems

Aphasia (Aphasia friendly version)

Applying Your Baseplate

Communication Impairments

Daily cleaning of your exdwelling valve

Dysarthria (aphasia-friendly version)

Dyspraxia - Apraxia of Speech (Aphasia-friendly version)

Easy to chew diet

Feeding at Risk

Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

High Risk Foods

How to insert your speaking valve plug

Information for valve users

Loading your exdwelling valve into a gel cap

Puree diet Info

Removing Your Baseplate

SLT - Changing your exdwelling valve

SLT - How to insert your dilator if your valve is dislodged

SLT - Maintenance of your valve

Soft and bite sized diet info

Suppliers of ready-made Puree, Soft and bite sized and Easy to chew meals

Surgical voice restoration - Voicing exercises

Surgical Voice Restoration - Valve Cleaning

Swallowing Difficulties

Swallowing Exercises for Head & Neck Patients

Thickened Fluid

Video-fluoroscopy examination to assess laryngectomy voicing difficulties

Video-fluoroscopy examinations to assess swalling difficulties

Voice advice sheet Reflux

Voice Care after Laryngeal Surgery