ED Childrens

Abdominal pain

Allergic Reaction and Anaphylaxis

Ankle sprain

Back Pain Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Blocked Nose in Babies


Broken or Bruised Ribs (Parent-Carer) Discharge Information

Burns and Scalds



Crying baby and colic


Eye Drops and Ointment

Febrile convulsion

Fever or High Temperature


Gastro-oesophageal Reflux

Head Injury (Baby or Toddler)

Head Injury Adolescent (discharge information)

Head Injury Child

Latex Allergy

Looking after your Plaster Cast

Looking after your plaster cast (Patient discharge information)

Nappy Rash

Neck Injury

Nose Bleed (Epistaxis)

Nose Injury

Procedural sedation with Ketamine (Paediatrics)

Pulled Elbow (Parent-Carer Discharge Information)

Pulled Elbow - Patient Discharge Information

Shoulder Injury (Parent-Carer Discharge Info)

Sore Throat

Steri Strips (Parent-Carer) Discharge Information

Steri-Strips Patient Discharge information

Stitches (Parent-Carer Discharge information)

Tissue Adhesive -Wound Glue (Parent-Carer) Discharge information

Tissue Adhesive -Wound Glue Patient discharge information

Use of Crutches (Parent- Carer) Discharge Information

Wrist Buckle Fracture

Wrist Injury