ED Childrens

Abdominal pain

Allergic Reaction and Anaphylaxis

Ankle sprain

Back Pain: Parent-Carer/Discharge Information

Blocked Nose in Babies (snuffles)

Breath-holding attacks

Broken or Bruised Ribs (Parent-Carer) Discharge Information

Burns and Scalds



Crying baby and colic


Eye Drops and Ointment

Febrile convulsion

Fever or High Temperature


Gastro-oesophageal Reflux

Head Injury (Baby or Toddler)

Head Injury Adolescent (discharge information)

Head Injury Child

Latex Allergy

Looking after your Plaster Cast (Parent / Carer)

Looking after your plaster cast (Patient discharge information)

Nappy Rash

Neck Injury

Nose Bleed (Epistaxis)

Nose Injury

Procedural sedation with Ketamine

Pulled Elbow (Parent-Carer Discharge Information)

Pulled Elbow - Patient Discharge Information

Shoulder Injury (Parent-Carer Discharge Info)

Sore Throat

Steri Strips (Parent-Carer) Discharge Information

Steri-Strips Patient Discharge information

Stitches (Parent-Carer Discharge information)

Tissue Adhesive / Wound Glue (Parent / Carer) Discharge Information

Tissue Adhesive / Wound Glue Patient Discharge Information

Use of Crutches (Parent / Carer) Discharge Information

Wrist Buckle Fracture

Wrist Injury