A Food Challenge

A parent s guide to infant resuscitation

AA Allergy - Cod challenge

Adenoidectomy - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Adenoidectomy - Patient Discharge Information

Allergy - NEW Baked milk challenge

Allergy - Cows milk challenge

Allergy - Drug challenge (Antibiotics)

Allergy - Egg allergy fact sheet

Allergy - Fish Cake Challenge

Allergy - Post Challenge Information for parents under 3 years who have successfully completed a day care challenge for peanut

Allergy - Grass and tree pollen avoidance

Allergy - Home introduction of baked egg

Allergy - Home introduction of lighlty cooked egg

Allergy - House dust mite avoidance

Allergy Mixed Tree Nut Cookie Challenge

Allergy - Moulds and spores avoidance

Allergy - Nut Challenge

Allergy - Pet allergen avoidance

Allergy - Post challenge information - successful day care challenge (tree nut)

Allergy - Post challenge information - successful day care food challenge (peanut)

Allergy - Wheat challenge

Allergy baked egg advice

Allergy baked milk advice

Asthma Control Test (over 12 years)

Attending UHCW Children s Department for a General Anaesthetic

Baked Egg Challenge


BSACI Anaphylaxis

BSACI Cow s Milk Allergy

BSACI Egg Allergy

BSACI Oral Allergy Syndrome

BSACI Sesame

BSACI Shellfish and Fish

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 Emerade 0.15mgs

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 Emerade 0.3mg

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 EpiPen 0.15mg

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 EpiPen 0.3mgs

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 Jext 0.15mgs

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 Jext 0.3mgs

BSACI AllergyActionPlan 2019 No AAI

Caring for your child following a food or drug challenge

Child (4 to 11 years) Asthma control Test

Egg challenge

Family information booklet

Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP)

Home introduction of baked milk for children with allergy

Inhaler technique

Intramuscular Injections of Adrenaline for your Baby

Latex challenge

Local anaesthetic drug challenge

Makaton sign language

My asthma plan

Paediatric Diabetes - Adjusting Insulin Doses (Basal bolus regimen)

Paediatric Diabetes - Adjusting Insulin doses (three times a day injection regimen)

Paediatric Diabetes - Adjusting Insulin doses (three times a day injection regimen)

Pain Management for Children - Plaster Room

Patient Advice on the Use of Grazax (with GP letter)

Percussion Paed Pysio

PHDU Family Booklet

Quality of Life Questionnaire - 12-17yr olds with Hayfever

Quality of Life Questionnaire - 6-12yr olds with Hayfever

Salbutamol Reducing Regime (Adolescents)

Salbutamol reducing regime (Parent Carer)

Skin prick testing

Supervised feeds

Tonsillectomy - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Tonsillectomy - Patient Discharge Information

Wheeze Action Plan

Wound Care - Parent-Carer Information

Wound Care - Patient Information

Wrist Buckle fracture

Childrens Surgery

Circumcision - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Circumcision - Patient Discharge Information

Dental Extraction - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Dental Extraction - Patient Discharge Information

Hernia Repair - Hydrocele - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Hernia Repair - Hydrocele - Patient Discharge Information

Insertion of Grommets - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Insertion of Grommets - Patient Discharge Information

Myringoplasty - Parent-Carer Discharge Information

Myringoplasty - Patient Discharge Information

Paediatric Diabetes

Clinical Psychology Service for Children Young People and their Families living with diabetes in Coventry and Rugby

Diabetes and Careers

How i look after my diabetes at school

Paediatric Diabetes - HbA1c

Paediatric Diabetes - Annual review

Paediatric Diabetes - Blood glucose testing

Paediatric Diabetes - Common problems

Paediatric Diabetes - Complications of diabetes

Paediatric Diabetes - Diabetes UK and other information

Paediatric Diabetes - Disposal of sharps

Paediatric Diabetes - Foot care

Paediatric Diabetes - High HbA1c

Paediatric Diabetes - Holidays

Paediatric Diabetes - Illness and diabetes

Paediatric Diabetes - Illness Management on Insulin Pump Therapy

Paediatric Diabetes - Insulin injections

Paediatric Diabetes - Ketone testing

Paediatric Diabetes - Moving from Children s Diabetes Clinic to Transition Cinic

Paediatric diabetes - Puberty

Paediatric Diabetes - The UHCW Paediatric Diabetes Team

Paediatric Diabetes - Wearing Identification

Paediatric diabetes - What happens on clinic days

Paediatric Diabetes - What you take home with you

Paediatric Diabetes- Driving

Patient Information for DLA