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Patient Involvement Forum

What Are Our Plan For This?

Do you have any suggestions for how we can make improvements to what we do and the type of support offered within the Weight Management Service? The Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery Service would love to invite a group of interested and motivated patients to attend intermittent drop-in sessions (dates to be arranged) where key parts of service provision can be discussed.  

We cannot guarantee that we will implement the ideas or suggestions made, but certainly, we will always seek to provide feedback at a later date about whether a suggestion has led to changes or not.


Why Is This Important?

We are professionals who work in this area, and so we have an obligation to design our service based upon the most up-to-date evidence about what works, and for whom. But, we are not the recipients of the care that we provide, you are.  

Therefore, it is incredibly important that we aim to deliver great evidence-based practice, but which is also the care and service that patients actually want, as this will optimise patients’ engagement in our service, and hopefully it will enhance patient outcomes. 


Get Involved

Would you be interested to help to establish our Patient Involvement Forum? If you would like to be involved, please let a member of the team know.

Starting from 2020, we will begin to collate a list of interested patients. We will then post updates about the dates of future Patient Involvement Forum meetings to keep you all updated about this.