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Blood Tests

Many patients with kidney disease will require blood tests as a useful, or often essential, part of their surveillance. This will usually require the patient to visit the hospital, GP surgery, pharmacy or walk-in centre in order to have the blood test taken. The sites available for blood tests are listed here. Please note that this is likely to be a smaller list than usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We understand that many patients are anxious about visiting a medical centre for blood tests, especially as this seems to contradict the clear social distancing or shielding advice for those at highest risk. There will be some patients, however, where the risk of harm from not having blood test monitoring is higher than the likelihood of contracting the virus.

The need for blood tests and frequency of monitoring should be guided by your clinician. If you are due a blood test and worried about the risk of attending for the test please contact the Renal Nurse Specialists (02476 967786) if you are a patient with advanced CKD or the Transplant Nurses (02476967745 or 02476967746) if you are a transplant patient. Otherwise you can call the renal secretaries (02476 968290). When you are contacted by your doctor at your next outpatient clinic (probably by telephone: see Outpatient Clinics) please ensure they have given you guidance on how frequently they would like you to have blood tests.

If you do need to attend for a blood test please ensure you have pre-booked an appointment time.

This will minimise the time you need to spend in a waiting room.

Please keep checking the Blood Tests page to see if there are updates in availability or advice.