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Haemodialysis (HD) is a lifesaving treatment and is therefore a critical service which needs to continue. Because HD relies heavily on highly trained nursing staff there is a significant risk to the service if large numbers of nurses are absent through self-isolation.

This has already occurred to a certain extent, resulting in movement of patients to different satellite HD units, often at less convenient times. We will endeavour to keep these disruptions to a minimum but in order to maintain this critical service it is possible that further changes will be required, possibly at short notice.

Other changes may be required in order to isolate patients who display symptoms compatible with Covid-19 in order to minimise the risk of other patients contracting the virus.

Home HD. Patients already undertaking Home HD should continue as they are and can contact the Home HD team. We plan to continue to train new Home HD patients but this programme will depend upon staffing and will be reviewed frequently.