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Your appointment

We are restoring many of our services and are contacting patients to offer appointments. Unless you have been informed otherwise, please attend your appointment as usual.

Please check the date on your appointment letter so you are able to attend. If you no longer need an appointment or can no longer attend, please let us know so we can offer it to someone else. You can do this here.

Please do not visit our hospitals or any healthcare setting if you are unwell, especially if you have symptoms of Covid-19. For information on the main symptoms, please click here.


We are resuming some face to face appointments when clinically recommended or for urgent scans/other examinations. Where appropriate, consultations may take place online or by phone, to limit the number of people coming on to our sites whilst Covid-19 is still present in our community.

Coming into hospital for a planned procedure

If you need to come to one of our hospitals for a procedure or surgery, we have made some changes to our sites to reduce the risks of infection.

We will contact you ahead of admission to advise you of what you need to do before you come to hospital. We will also be asking you some questions to check whether we need to take extra precautions with your care.

Please click here for updated guidance.

If you have any further concerns, please call the number on your appointment letter or speak to the department directly.

Please find some answers to common questions we have received during the Coronavirus pandemic in our FAQs pdf.