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Electronic Patient Record



At UHCW, patients come first in everything we do.

That’s why we're constantly looking to make the best use of innovative digital technology to improve our standards of patient care and safety.

In line with this ambition, we’ll be launching our new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system in June 2024.


What is an Electronic Patient Record (EPR)?

EPR is a system that allows us to bring a patient’s medical records together in a single, secure digital location.

Healthcare staff can access everything they need to know about a patient through their EPR, including:

  • Test results
  • Diagnoses
  • Treatments
  • Allergies
  • Information on prescribed medications


EPR benefits both staff and patients

The introduction of EPR offers a variety of benefits for our patients.

  • Because they can access information quickly and easily, staff won’t need to ask you questions about your medical history more than once. By minimising the need for this repetition, EPR will empower doctors and nurses to spend more time on caring for you.
  • EPR also means your records will travel with you wherever you go across the Trust. The people caring for you won’t need to track down paper notes before they can make decisions or prescribe you medication.
  • The launch of EPR will also enhance patient safety. By placing information about allergies and prescribed drugs alongside your notes, the system will minimise the risk that you’ll suffer any adverse reactions. EPR also has a sepsis red flag system built in to help clinicians identify the warning signs more quickly.
  • In the long term, the launch of EPR will also mean patients can get more involved in managing their own health and wellbeing. After the launch of the patient portal, you’ll be able to manage your own appointments, review your test results and respond to secure messages.

UHCW staff have already begun training for the EPR rollout and will be working hard to make sure the transition from paper records to the new system is as smooth as possible for patients.


When will UHCW start using EPR?

Our EPR implementation has begun, with the launch commencing on June 15th 2024.

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