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Electronic Patient Record

At UHCW, patients come first in everything we do, which is why we're constantly looking to make the best use of innovative digital technology to improve our standards of patient care and safety. The implementation of our new (EPR) system will provide us with the ideal platform to enable us to achieve this.


What is an Electronic Patient Record (EPR)?

EPR allows clinical staff to have instant and secure access to a complete record of patient data and information for each and every individual. They can see all the information they need to review including test results, diagnoses and treatments—on any device—without delay.


EPR benefits both staff and patients

With immediate access to live data and viewable securely on any device, EPR will enable clinical staff to make the decisions they need to consistently deliver higher quality, and safer care. With less time spent looking for information, clinical staff will have more time for patients and be able to make faster decisions about appropriate treatment.

In 2024, patients themselves will be able to be more involved in their health and wellbeing. They will be able to manage their own appointments, review test results and respond to messages through a secure online patient portal viewable on their home and mobile devices.

“We are hugely proud and excited to be seeing EPR implemented at UHCW NHS Trust. EPR will enable the transformation of care and is set to vastly improve the experience of patients and staff across our services. This ground-breaking digital programme marks a major milestone in our journey as we aspire towards outstanding care and further establish the Trust as a national and international leader in healthcare. Creating one central point of access for patient records across the organisation will further enhance clinical quality and operational effectiveness in addition to opening up new opportunities for research and innovation.”  - Mo Hussain, UHCW Chief Quality Officer.

When will UHCW start using EPR?

Our EPR implementation has begun. There is a great deal of work to do before we go live in October 2023.

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