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We understand that a stay in hospital can be a worrying and stressful time - not only for patients but for their friends and family as well, we hope that the entertainment below will improve your time at our Trust.


Postal arrangements

Post is delivered to the Wards on a daily basis. Please ask your friends and relatives to state your full name and Ward clearly on the front of the envelope and their own name and address on the back of the envelope. If you wish to post any letters during your stay, please hand these to a member of the nursing team who will arrange to post them for you.



Patients and visitors can access free wi-fi at the both University Hospital, Coventry and the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby. Users will be asked to sign up to the user agreement conditions when they initially sign in. A copy of the user agreement can be found here.


Radio and television

Earphones will provide you with a choice of radio stations including our own FREE hosptial channel. You can dial into Coventry Hospital Radio at any time:

  • Listen on your Bedside Unit – click the red radio button, select Hospital Radio
  • Listen online on your laptop or tablet
  • Download the Coventry Hospital Radio app from Android or Apple stores

In order to reduce the disturbance to other patients please use headphones with television and radios at all times.

Our bedside units are provided by Wifi Spark. This service offers digital TV, telephone, free 24hr radio, internet, email and information services. Every bed has a Wifi Spark unit helping patients to stay in touch, keep relaxed and entertained.

To access the system you need to set up an account and you can do this before coming to hospital by calling 0345 414 1234. Once you have registered, you need to buy a Wifi Spark card.

These cost either £5, £10 £15 or £20 and can be bought over the telephone or at a vending machine on your ward.


Wifi Spark units - what do you get?

Telephone - With a telephone right at your bedside it's easy to keep in touch. Unlimited calls to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03 numbers) are included within all of our packages, if you wish to just use the telephone calls to landlines will cost 10p per minute* and calls to mobiles can vary depending on the network. Incoming calls are on a premium rate line to the bedside and callers are advised when they call a patient’s bedside phone by an automated recording.

Television - With a choice of more than 20 TV channels you won't miss watching any of your favourite programmes. Many sites have films, sports news and other specialist content. Available package prices and options are published at vending machines across the hospital, where payment cards are available in £5.00, £10.00 £15.00 or £20.00 denominations. Alternatively, call the Customer Care Centre on 0345 414 1234 if you would like to purchase credit for the bedside system using credit or debit card or via the bedside screen.

Free TV (channels 1-5) are available to patients typically from 8am to 12noon and on children’s wards from 7am to 7pm.

Films – With a wide range of new and classic films to choose from you wont be stuck for choice, with the option to pause, rewind and fast forward you wont have to worry about missing any part of the film.

Radio - Listen to a choice of national and local radio stations free of charge (24hrs) including our hospital radio stations.

Internet and email - Surf the net or send and receive emails - included in the television package. Please note that internet is unavailable on children's wards.

  • Big Bundle packages include 25 TV channels, ITV Catch Up, 50+ Films, Internet, Radio & Unlimited calls to UK landlines
  • Value Bundle packages include 20 TV channels, 18 Films, Internet, Radio & Unlimited calls to UK landlines
  • Mini Bundle packages include TV channels 1-5, Radio & Unlimited calls to UK landlines

Television is free on children’s wards from 7am and 7pm but parents can purchase further viewing after 7pm if they wish.

For Wifi Spark support services, click here.

Click here for more information about Wifi Spark services.

*Prices subject to change.