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Going Home

When you are ready to be discharged a member of the nursing team will help you to prepare for your discharge. You will be provided with any specific instructions regarding your treatment and any drugs that you require as part of your continuing care at home. Please make certain that no hospital clothing, library books and so on, are taken home accidentally. If you do take hospital property home by mistake please return it to the ward.

If you are required to attend an outpatient appointment, the ward clerk will ensure that either a request for an appointment or an actual appointment has been made prior to your discharge from hospital.

After your discharge

After your discharge from hospital a letter will be sent to your GP giving information regarding your stay in hospital and advising of any recommendations for your care at home.

Medical certificates

If you require Medical Certificates please inform the ward staff who will be able to assist you.

Details of financial help are available to patients and visitors on low incomes who are unable to afford the cost of fares to the hospital. If you require this information please ask the ward clerk who will provide you with a leaflet.