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Spiritual Care (Chaplaincy)

We are the Department of Spiritual Care at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Better known as the Chaplaincy Department, our Chaplaincy team is made up of a team of 16 chaplains from a wide breadth of cultural and faith backgrounds.

At UHCW, our chaplains are proud to support the vision, work, staff and patients of our Trust and actively work in many areas to provide holistic health care for all – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Coming into hospital can be an anxious and unsettling experience.

Our team want to make a patient’s stay as easy as possible; we are here to help and support everyone. Privacy, dignity and confidentiality are respected at all times.

We provide space regularly for religious worship, ceremonies and rituals which are represented within the Trust. We recognise the importance that faith can play in a person’s stay in hospital and will always work with patients, families and staff to provide opportunities where needed outside of our regular schedule.

Regular worship at UHCW currently consists of four main times of prayer (Muslim, Sikh and Christian) and six individual prayer rooms and a quiet room for those who come to pray or find quiet time throughout the day.

The main area of the Faith Centre is a multi-use facility for all faiths and none represented here at UHCW NHS Trust. Regularly used by staff and patients, it is a place where people are free to worship, celebrate or pray as they choose. The Faith Centre is also a place for those of no particular religious background or faith.

All are welcome to find a moment of quiet and peace in the main chapel, quiet room or the garden (accessible via the main area).

Our regular service times for Jumu’ah (Friday Muslim) prayers are 1.30pm (Summer) and 1.15pm (Winter).

Regular service times for Christian worship are:

  • Roman Catholic Mass - Sundays in the Main Chapel (3pm)
  • Roman Catholic Mass - Mondays in the Roman Catholic Chapel (1.30pm to 2pm)
  • Roman Catholic Mass - Tuesdays in the Roman Catholic Chapel (11am to 11:30am)
  • Roman Catholic Mass – 3rd Tuesday of the month St Elizabeth Chapel at the Hospital of St Cross (1:30pm to 2pm)
  • Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah) – Fridays in the Main Chapel (1.30pm)