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The World Class Ward/Department Accreditation Framework was launched at our Trust in September 2019 to measure the quality of care being delivered in a clinical area and to measure the standards of care.
As part of the framework wards and departments are measured against 15 key standards as part of a yearly formal assessment.
The 15 standards:
1. Organisation of clinical area
2. Patient experience
3. Safeguarding
4. End of life care
5. Nutrition and hydration
6. Elimination
7. Pain management
8. Culture of safety and improvement
9. Deteriorating patient
10. Medicines management
11. Pressure ulcer prevention
12. Falls prevention
13. Infection prevention and control
14. Shaping future workforce
15. Assurance standard
The Framework was introduced in line with Care Quality Commission (CQC) Key Lines of Enquiry and Essential Standards Outcome.
Once the assessment is completed, the Ward Manager, Modern Matron and Group Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals receive the result of the assessment of their area. These results will outline the standards that have been met or not met and identifies areas for improvement to ensure we’re continuing to enhance experiences for patients. In rare circumstances where a ward fails to meet any standards, a reassessment is conducted six months later.

To view the Trust’s latest information on ward data (for March 2022) please click here


Please note, the data shown will be for the previous month and the data for pressure ulcers will be for the previous two months. Data for each ward area shown:
- The number of Trust acquired MRSA infections
 The number of patient falls in the area with a level of harm (note, falls with no harm are not counted)
- The number of healthcare associated incidents of Clostridioides difficile (MA)
- The number of hospital acquired pressure ulcers on the ward/department An environmental cleanliness audit score in line with the Trust’s Infection Control guidelines (ICNA audit score)