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CT Scan (click here)

  • At UHCW we have four CT scanners, including a dedicated one in operation 24 hours day in our Emergency Department and one in the imaging depertment at the Hospital of St Cross, Rugby. The CT department normally operates every day betweem 7am and 8pm.
  • Access patient information leaflets relating to CT Scans here.


Dexa (page under construction)

  • This page is currently unavailable. We're working hard to ensure the most up-to-date information is available to you.


Fluroscopy (page under construction)


Interventional Radiology (Click here)


MRI Scan (page under construction)

  • There are currently four MRI scanncer in use at UHCW which provide imaging for the diagnosis and interventional treatment of many medical conditions, they normally operate every day betweem 7am and 8pm with emergency out of hours servcies also available.
  • Access patient information leaflets relating to MRI here.


Nuclear Medicine (page under construction)


Ultrasound (Click Here)

  • An ultrasound scan is a method of imaging certain areas inside the body by using high frequency sound waves. These sound waves cannot be heard by the human ear. They bounce off parts of the body to create ‘echoes’ which are processed into moving images.
  • Access patient information leaflets relating to Ultrasound here.


Vascular Ultrasound (click here)


X-ray (click here)


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